About BeRenegade.co.uk

Frogs Island 4x4 is a well-established independent 4x4 mailorder specialist in Oxfordshire UK, and a company with a long history in the 4x4 market, serving clients through our workshops, trade and mailorder channels.

BeRenegade.co.uk was conceived to provide a fast-moving parts and accessories service to a expanding group of UK and European Jeep UK owners, a group which has previously found access to Jeep service parts quite challenging. Frogs Island teamed up with Allmakes 4x4 to put wholesale buying power behind an experienced and proven retail service. This partnership enabled us to create the all new BeRenegade.co.uk.

BeRenegade.co.uk was able to forge relationships with Mopar to become an official distributor of Jeep Renegade parts in the UK and Europe. which enables access and discount on the complete FCA stockholding of Renegade product lines with distribution via Fiat Chrysler's European warehouses. Access to inventory is expedited due to the frequency of deliveries and stockholding within our warehousing.

Our product teams have access to all of the parts and fitments identification systems that the Jeep main dealer network have, and have developed our own digital catalogues of products with exploded diagrams and technical drawings to help make identification of common parts more simple. This catalogue is now available on this website.

If for any reason you are unable to find what you are looking for, our team are here to assist you in person. Simply choose your preferred method to contact us and we will be glad to help.

In addition to product supplied by Mopar we also list our own range of unique accessories for the Renegade, these include the globally recognised brand of 4x4 accessories known as Terrafirma.

Deliveries are turned around as quickly as possible, with product in stock normally taking between 1 to 2 days to arrive, and bought in products taking between to 5 days for delivery. Occassionally orders can take longer depending on which warehouse the products need to come from, but we keep our customers informed on progress throughout order-processing and will advise if any extended delay is expected.

BeRenegade.co.uk was launched in 2016, and the range and stockholding is constantly being enhanced and optimised. We welcome all feedback and value the opinions of our customers.
If you should have any suggestions for how we could improve our site or service, then please contact us and let us know.